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The Bible Radio
Playing the latest Praise and Worship songs
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Christian   Praise/Worship   Gospel
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About 'The Bible Radio'
This station was set up as a vow to my God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel to send forth his living Word, neither adding or taking away anything from it and to Praise and Worship him out of my Tithe offering.
The Lord put it in my heart "My people are lost,plagued by disease and powerless in the face of evil because they have moved away from my Word, my Statutes and commandments, heaping to themselves false interpretations and traditions. The Word is sufficient and the Holy Spirit will teach and interpret"
On this station you will only hear the WORD, preaching of the WORD as is without changes and interpretations to suit mans ways and the latest Praise and Worship songs. Don't be offended by the WORD, if you don't understand, pray in the name of Jesus the Christ, that the Holy Spirit, teach you and open the WORD to you. Nice listening and may the Lord, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless you and teach you his ways and statutes.
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